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President’s Greetings

With entry into the 21st Century, the new millennium, Japan’s economy raised a curtain for stepping forward straight, aiming for new breakthrough.
As Japan has been developed along with progress in chemical industry, it is expected that the development of the chemical industry supporting the overall industry advances further in the new century.
With the increased population in the world, our living environment such as destruction and contamination surrounding our life is applied by an invariable brake, however, it does not always dissolve the problem in entirety.
It is a scientific technology that can just overcome this difficult situation. The role and importance are enhancing more and more.
In the circumstances, our company has been successfully building a firm base for the enterprise as a really reliable specialized business firm, continuously dealing in overall chemicals, mainly in inorganic chemicals for industrial uses, and food raw materials as well since the establishment of our company in July, 1946. Grasping variable market needs accurately as the time goes by, we are pleased to serve all our customers for distribution of optimum products by most effective means of transportation with superior cost performance. Catching up not only tangible market needs but also potential market needs timely, we are ardently desirous to be a useful specialized chemical trading company as a technical specialist for long who is able to maximize customers’satisfaction.

President and Representative Director

Outline Of Company

Company Name NISSHIN CO.LTD.
Establishment JULY 3, 1946
Capital 300 million yen
Main Line of Business Imports, Exports and Local Distribution of
(1)Caustic Soda, Inorganic Industrial Chemicals ,Organic Industrial Chemicals, Natural
(2)Produce, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Surface Active Agents, etc.
Plastic Raw Materials, Plastic Fabricated Products, Injection Molding Machines, etc.
(3)Food Raw Materials, etc.
(4)Fillers, Piping Materials, Chemicals Storage Tanks, Sewage Treatment Facilities,
Anti-Pollution Related Equipment, Incinerators, etc.
(5)Heavy Oil, Other Petroleum Oils, etc.
Enployees 81 (As of April 1, 2023)
Sales Turnover 29,928 million yen (Year ended March 31, 2023)

Officers List

President and Representative Director Toshiaki Fukuda
Director and Executive Corporate Officer Keiichi Nobayashi
Director and Corporate Officer Wataru Ikeda
Auditor Keiji Hirayama
Auditor Hisae Fukuda
Corporate Officer Tadashi Onoguchi
Corporate Officer Kousei Murakami
Assistant Corporate Officer Tomomi Araki
Assistant Corporate Officer Keiji Iwamoto
Assistant Corporate Officer Masahito Yoshino
Assistant Corporate Officer Yuki Sasaki

Organization Chart

Company History

July, 1946 With the capital of 145,000 yen Nisshin Co., Ltd. was established by directors of Soda Industrial Chemicals Supply Control Co., Ltd. dissolved soon after the termination of the World War II.
May, 1948 Capital was increased to one million yen.
May, 1956 Osaka office was established.
December, 1959 Sapporo office was established.
March, 1960 Capital was increased to 10 million yen.
April, 1960 Nagoya office was established.
July, 1960 Fukuoka office was established.
September, 1961 Capital was increased to 20 million yen.
May, 1965 Fukuyama office was established.
July, 1969 Capital was increased to 40 million yen.
July, 1970 Capital was increased to 50 million yen.
May, 1974 Osaka office was promoted to Osaka Branch.
June, 1975 Tokuyama office was established.
January, 1976 Capital was increased to 100 million yen.
October, 1990 Capital was increased to 300 million yen.
April, 1997 Nagoya office was promoted to Nagoya Branch.
March, 2003 Head office building construction started.
April, 2010 Fukuoka office was promoted to Fukuoka Branch.
April, 2015 Tokuyama office was promoted to Tokuyama Branch.
June,2016 Nisshin-Panmatex(M)SDN.BHD Opened Kuantan branch in Malaysia.
January,2018 Nisshin-Panmatex(M)SDN.BHD Opened Kuala Lumpur branch in Malaysia.